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Camera, repairing file, Go Pro not usable

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I owned a Hero 7 Black, I used for almost a year with no problems. Last month (May 2020) The Hero 7 Black started to become useless. Every Attempt to record Video led to 3 seconds of record time and then a  black screen...then "repairing file". The Cameras LCD is then black for an amount of time i cannot measure (after a minute or less i pull the battery). I have tried Sandisk U3 Cards...Camera is still useless for video.


Today I picked up the New Hero 8 Black, thinking maybe the H7B is obsolete (like many other things and people these last few months). The new camera looks nice but still...I am having this same problem with the Camera.


I believe the SD Cards I am using is causing the problem. The Cards I am using are suppose to be high quality and meet or exceed the specs for GOPRO.


I want to know what Card I need to be using in the cameras. every SanDisk card I own does not work I have mutiple 32gb, 64gb, and 128gb cards most of the cards use to work fine in the Hero 7 Black Months ago.

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Re: Camera, repairing file, Go Pro not usable

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Could be that there's something wrong with the SD Slot reader on your GP7 that's causing the cards to become corrupted.  I would buy a brand new SD card for use in your GoPro Hero 8 only and don't let it anywhere near your GP7.  Also any card used in your GP7, keep it away from the GP8.  

I suggest this as someone I know had an issue with an SD card for their phone, they couldn't get it to read in their laptop at all.  I put it into my laptop and it wouldn't read either.  However afterwards, when trying to use one of my own SD cards in my laptop, it wouldn't read any of my SD cards at all.   I suspect their card damaged the SD slot somehow (blown, dirt, debris, who know?).  


I use Samsung Evo cards in my own GoPro's and they work like a charm.