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Cam freezes and video is distorted

So I got me a Refurbished 4 Black, first cam didn't work at all, had problem with SD slot. Got a replacement. Cam works sometimes.

Then freezes, remove battery and it works again. Last time biking I was filming with the chesty and all footage came out distorted and wrong color etc. Trying at home, it filmed everything clear and perfectly good.

And the best thing is that I am not able to contact support. It always says "Hang on we are connecting...."

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Re: Cam freezes and video is distorted

Hi @fabianm26530,


I am sorry to hear about the troubles you have been having with those cameras. Is the camera up to date? What SD Card are you using? Do you have any screenshots of the issues that you are seeing?




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Re: Cam freezes and video is distorted

But hte staff seems around and only points to   get to customer service bad business.


 try telling us hte sd card you are using if you are bouncing around maybe a video is to be seen as well



I reformat the card I then shake the hell out of it in the house b4 I  ride again if it is happening due to vibration hmmmm

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Re: Cam freezes and video is distorted

Hi Ryan,

I already checked with a friends cam (GoPro Hero4Black and DSLR) and the SD Card works fine.

I will send you the footage the cam recorded later today.


Thx for the moment