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Burned SD Card!

Hi! I am having GoPro 7 black. This morning before we go for snorkeling, I experienced SD card error. Since I have no time to fix it, I used my spare SD card and worked well.

After the trip I tried the other SD card and search for a solution here. They said I just need to reformat it. I did that using the gopro, it’s taking too long but I let it be. After almost 15min. I tried to open the gopro and it’s not turning on, when I removed the battery I smelled something burning, I removed the battery ASAP and tried to remove the card but it’s too hot! The top of SD Card was burned. What should I do now? Does this mean I cannot use the GoPro now?
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Re: Burned SD Card!

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Hi, 2ways:


1. Contact to GP and hear how they deeply sorry and propably send you another - new one.


2. Make photo evidence - very precisely, keep your burned sd card and................ sue company and ask for ex. 2 000 000 $ compenstion because this issue almost burned your house as well.


If you live in US and A you have a lot of chance: people earned a lot of money like: guys who slippied on the wet floor in McD or burn his mouth drinking hot coffee from cup witohout warning about it - on it....or someone who sue cigarettte comapny because they didnt said you can get cancer after smoke....:)



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Re: Burned SD Card!

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@desirepath1121      the importance here is to take out the battery and sd card and put the damaged camera t othe side and when Gopro opens  talk with them.  in the Mean time  go on about your business and if  the  excersize or trip is important find other means  and a work around...


GoPro wil l need your Email, a Bill of sale, a photo and if you are a Plus member you are set.  the camera is Under a Year old GoPro still needs a Bill of sale in order to   warranty.  You may need to also contact  the card company as well.  Keep the site posted of your update



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Re: Burned SD Card!

Sorry to hear about what happened, @desirepath1121. This is something I haven't encountered yet. We definitely want to take a look into the details. For our reference, can you tell us what microSD card did you use?


Also, please let our Support team know so they can help you with the next steps. Ensure to have your camera, photos of the camera's battery compartment and the SD card showing the burnt part, and your camera's proof of purchase ready for any information that they might need. You may reach them by phone or chat.


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