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[Bug] Hero 6 does not indicate fast charging properly if cable is connected prior to power-up

Alongside Hero 6 not reaching 100% of battery and continuing to charge forever which is to be addressed in the next firmware, there seems to also be a minor bug with the fast-charge presentation where even though gopro is fast-charging the icon stays white.


How to reproduce:


  1. Pick either A or B below:
    A) While gopro is OFF, connect a fast charger. LEDs will light up in red.
    B) While gopro is ON, connect a fast charger. Observe that the battery icon turns green to indicate fast-charging. Turn GoPro off.
  2. Turn GoPro ON

What happens: The battery icon will now be a white battery with a lightning.


What should happen: The battery icon should be a green battery with a lightning inside,


If you unplug the charger and re-plug it, the icon will be green again.


I've already reported this to support but they advised to wait for the firmware upgrade which is supposed to fix the "98%" issue, so I'm posting here as well while I remember.


I believe this is simply a presentation issue as the camera continued to charge quite quickly

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Re: [Bug] Hero 6 does not indicate fast charging properly if cable is connected prior to power-up



I wrote couple of time about fast charging, here is some copy paste I wrote days ago...



charging the battery in the camera - I prefer not

because I have spare batteries and dual charger that charge a pair of, I barely charge the GoPro directly.

- I do not like the temperature rising, that could affect, in time, the camera electronics.


using a smartphone charger - I prefer using a "not so smart" all-purpose USB charger

when in car, I used to charge the camera directly from an auto Samsung fast charger - I experienced strange behaviors: "usb connected" on the screen, LCD screen freeze, "repairing file"...etc.

- since, in car, as dashboard, I use a power bank to compensate long drive power consumption

- also, that "smart charging" "fast charging" etc. technologies the latest Samsung adapter has, does not work well with GoPro...the charging is much slower

- when charging, the battery icon on GoPro Hero6 turns green - not on Samsung smartphone adaptors

- when I connect Hero5 on samsung fast charging, starts with "usb connected" like when connected to karma hero6 they change, I heard the USB-C pins layout, so not such messages


I never had problems with the GoPro charger, that one with the USB-C 3A port.



hope this helps.








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Re: [Bug] Hero 6 does not indicate fast charging properly if cable is connected prior to power-up

[ Edited ]

Hi Robert,


Thanks, but it doesn't help as it's not relevant in this case. Did you try to replicate steps I listed, by any chance? 


Regarding your copy-paste:


  • Charging the battery outside the camera is out of scope of the issue
  • I'm not using a regular MicroUSB / samsung fastcharger. I'm using a certified USB-C PD charger (Google Pixel) 5V@3A and a certified charging cable. Same technology used in the Supercharger
  • I'm also using a USB-C powerbank which also supports 5V@3A through the USB-C port
  • Most of points you listed aren't related to what I posted about. Charging is fine - it's the icon that's bugged.