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Bug Gopro hero 7 black

Bonjour, je suis tres deçu de ma dernieres sortie avec la go pro 7. Une journee complète de souvenir de perdu.

je me pose la question de l'interet d'acheter une camera à 500€


La camera bug regulierement ecran noir, image fixe, impossible de faire quoi que ce soit à part retirer la batterrie( en montagne c est tres agreable !!!)


une fois à la maison s'apercevoir que la moitié des videos sont illisibles (ne s'ouvrent même pas )

et que l'autres ne sont pas plus exploitable...


Est ce normal d'avoir 30 sec de video pour 10 mn de son sur une image fixe ?


Est ce un probleme connu ?



Jerome Gabriel

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Re: Bug Gopro hero 7 black


Hi @gaboun68


I am really sorry for any troubles caused.


Are you using a recommended SD card


Try re-flashing the software through

Doing a manual update clears out any issues that may have been encountered with the previous installation.


Let us know how it goes.




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Re: Bug Gopro hero 7 black


je rencontre le même problème

il arrive régulièrement que le caméra se bloque et à part retirer la batterie, rien à faire. 

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Re: Bug Gopro hero 7 black

What SD card are you using? Have you run a manual update? Most freezing issues originate from the SD card. If possible, try a second card from the list provided in the post above yours.

If the camera freezes, you are better off pressing and holding the side Mode button for about 10-12 seconds and then releasing. The camera should reboot and repair any files that need it.
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Re: Bug Gopro hero 7 black


merci pour votre réponse

j'utilise une carte sandisk extreme plus 32 gb (l3l)

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Re: Bug Gopro hero 7 black

Do a full format  




Does the issue happen where on your card at what  videos? 


 Does it happen oon playback on the camera only, on the camera and computer through the cameras drive, on the sd card in the computer only?


have you tried a different card, or have another card to purchase,?


  Again lets fully format on a computer first, then  a quick format, on the computer, then on the camera?



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Re: Bug Gopro hero 7 black

I had the same problem when it was new.  Got the GoPro7 Black about 2 weeks ago.  What I did.  I have an iPhone 7s.


1.) Get the GoProApp on your phone

2.) Don't connect to GoPro yet

3.) Format memory card in GoPro7

4.) Shut down GoPro and restart GoPro7

5.) Start GoPro app

6.) Connect phone to gopro in app

7.) App said there needs to be update, let everything update.  GoPro7 restarted a couple times.  Took about 5 minutes in all.


No problems since