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Brand new 7 White - keeps restarting

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Wanted to share my frustrating experience. I just bought the 7White today - it was sold out everywhere and I got the last one at Sportchek - and spend the past two hours trying to set it up.


It keeps RESTARTING approx every 60 seconds. Whether there is a card or not does not matter, I do the initial setup and accept the terms, then when it comes time to link to the app, the app cannot find the camera, and right around that time it reboots, gopro logo, then the initial "choose language" shows again. While on chat with GP support, we tried upgrading the FW - it failed - because of the constant reboot. I tried skipping the setup, got to the recording screen, even pressed record and then it suddenly goes black and restarts. It's not a dead battery either. 


The RMA process is no bueno - I needed this for next week!

Clearly there is an issue and I find it funny they asked what type of card I am using when that variable has nothing to do with keeping the **bleep** thing on in the first place. It is currently in the packaging beeping 3 times every minute as it restarts (I can't turn it off or otherwise prevent it from rebooting, nor can I remove the battery). I'll take the night reading more on these forums and really think about whether I want to try another one seeing as how the whole 7 line has issues. 


Back to the store tomorrow - and like most others on here with these issues, I am glad I bought this at a brick/morter store instead of online!