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Brand New Hero 9 Black - Freezing up

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After the untimely and dissapointing demise of one of my trusty Hero 5 Blacks, my wife bought me a Hero 9 Black and we recieved it yesterday. Today I pulled it out, charged up all of the batteries (bought 2 extra) and then began setting it all up. I made sure my Quik App was up to date. Then installed the 32g Scandisk memery card that was shipped with the package and formated the card before I began setting up the camera. 


1st impressions - WOW this things feels great. Although Im not a fan of the battery door and the charge connection being on the same side and the folding legs don't feel as soliid as old cases the overall fit, feel and initial quality looked great. 


I connected wih my Quik App and was promted to install a firmware update - DONE. 


Now the issue, playing with the video and photo settings I recorded some shots. I was on 4k/30 and then when I went to delete these random test shots the unit froze up. Tried it again with a different file and the same result. When I deleted the files from the App it seemed to be ok but deleting them on the GoPro itself seems to create a glitch and it just freezes up. The touch screen is non-responsive and pressing the capture or mode buttons did nothing. Pulling the battery did reset it as did pressing and holding down the mode button. 


Is this really what a longtime consumer (any consumer) should expect from an over $400.00 dollar purchase with the extras we bought with it? I don't think it is. My other Hero 5 Black and 7 Black while not as smooth definately seem to be more dependable at this point. If there's something that I should be doing different I'd really like to know as I am very much an unhappy camper at this point. With a upcoming trip through the Cascade Mountains next week I am not certain this 1 day old camera is reliable enough for me to pack on the trip. Please advise if there's something that fixes the freeze up issues.. 


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Re: Brand New Hero 9 Black - Freezing up

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Sorry to hear that you are having issues with the new camera, @orsouthpaw. Freezing is an indication of a possible issue with the camera firmware or the SD card used. There are troubleshooting steps at Camera Freezes Up for you to try. Let us know how it works out. Thanks!

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Re: Brand New Hero 9 Black - Freezing up

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orsouthpaw Just return it bro if thats a possibility, use differerent sd card, format it etc are just **bleep**. Look on youtube for honest reviews (the one which did not receive free GoPro), every single review mention the freezing issue. They are getting worst with every release.


What a shame to keep pulling the battery for a device which cost fortune. Wonder if there are any other electronic device out there having such a realiability issue.


Despite of disproportionate number of users complaining about the frezzing issue, these guys does not feel like fixing it. While compatitors are building tiny & smarter camera every time, GoPro is getting just getting dump and bulky. 


These guys don't listen anyone, while alternatives release firmwares periodically to keep their old camera up to date, GoPro just get busy in releasing next version of shame every year.


Sorry go pro, but I am really frustrated with you. Good luck anyways as you need it soon!!!