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Brand New GoPro Hero 7 Black: Multiple Problems :(

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Hello everyone,


This is my first GoPro but so far been a bumpy ride. Bought it brand new last week Tuesday. Brought it back home, put it on charge (5v 2A) via wall charger connecting to mini usb of camera, once fully charged started using it and noticed the camera has a pretty intense bleed on the lcd screen top right corner. Packed it up so I can return it to the store, only to check back next morning that the bleed is gone. :| So far the bleed hasn't come back.


Yesterday tried to take the camera out for the first time to record some video loops. They get recorded in a numerical order but there were 5 clips missing. Had first....then 6th in the numerical order. Card was 128GB Samsun Evo Plus which is listed as a compatible card in GoPro's website. Card was completely empty (double checked when I got back home) and the camera had constant power from the motorbike (battery removed). 


Today while trying to view the video files captured, 4 of the video files won't even display in the GoPro. If I connect the camera to my computer, I can view them, copy them etc, but not even listed on the GoPro media list.


Took couple of timelapse videos today. They played fine on the GoPro for forward 15 minutes, 2 out of 3 videos won't play in the GoPro. Shows the video preview thumbnail and starts the video for 1 microsecond then stops.


While trying to check that had been swiping between the video files and the camera completely froze (while in the media player interface). Had to hard reset to power it back off.


I can take it back to the shop but they said they won't replace the camera if I can't reproduce the screen bleed etc, a picture proof won't work. Not sure what to do next for troubleshooting :\ I have the latest firmware updated as well. Any suggestions?

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Re: Brand New GoPro Hero 7 Black: Multiple Problems :(

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Sorry to hear about the troubles you experienced with the camera, @toughmesa06483. If you contact our Support team here , they will be able to walk you through the next steps. You may reach them by phone or chat. When you do, have your camera information, and sample photos/videos showing the issue ready so you get assisted as quickly as possible. Best regards!