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Blown out highlights, dirty looking images on GoPro 9

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Having a lot of trouble with my 9, which is less than ideal as I make YouTube video for a living...

The footage just looks rubbish, the highlights blow out all the time and it often looks as though the lens is dirty up the top on the image, when it actually isn't. 

As I film cycling/action whilst bike racing, I can't manually set everything everytime I turn it out. Any suggestions? Really disappointed


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Re: Blown out highlights, dirty looking images on GoPro 9

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Lock your iso settings and exposure, film in a flat color profile, set your sharpness to low.  Then do what every other "cinematic" camera user does, spend hours to weeks color grading your footage, denoising, desqueezing and applying sharpness so it looks professionally filmed.


The only magic "one setting does all" that exists is putting everything into full Auto mode.  


Frankly for motor sports, the best thing you can do is attach a gradiant filter to darken the sky while leaving the foreground clear, however this won't work as well if you're leaning into corners unless the camera is on a gimbal.