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Black hole fix gopro fusion

GoPro Fusion. After editing a video on Premiere Pro my video has a black hole on top and the bottom. Any settings fix this?

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Re: Black hole fix gopro fusion

What are your export settings in Fusion Studio and are you using the GoPro vr pluggins? If you view the video exported from Fusion Studio in the GoPro vr app, do the black holes appear?
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Re: Black hole fix gopro fusion

Hey Daniel.
After exporting from fusion studio they are not there. I export- edit, 4K, parallax on.

After editing and exporting in premiere pro I get the black holes. I export in something like the H.26 thing
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Re: Black hole fix gopro fusion

In that case I have seen a similar post before with this issue.  I cannot remember if the guy had to end up re-installing Premier Pro to fix it or if he had to update his graphics card drivers.  If you hunt around on the forum, you may find the post, it was quite a while back.  I'll do a search this evening and see if I can find it, but as far as I remember, he did end up getting it resolved.