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Black bar at bottom edge GOPRO 6

Hello Go Pro Team,


I recently purchased a Go Pro Hero 6 Black through

There are couple of issues in product I can't figure out.


1. I am noticing a Black Horizontal Bar at bottom of the screen appearing while recording and in some options on both of the sides- Vertical. How to get rid of the Black Bars and have full frame view?


2. How long does it take to get battery fully charged on onborad charger? I am using 5V 2A adpater to charge the camera.


I really appreciate to have a quick response and solutions to fix the probles I am facing with the newly bought Go Pro Hero 6 Black.


Thank you.

Puneet K. Paliwal

New Delhi



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Re: Black bar at bottom edge GOPRO 6


Hi @roamromeo


Do these bars appear when you play the videos back or during recording only? We'll try to find out if this is a software or a hardware issue.

Ensure that you are using one of the recommended SD cards. Also, I suggest to try a manual software update.

If it's still the same, you may refer to Amazon for an exchange (depends on how recent the purchase was). Alternatively, you may contact our Support Team for assistance.


Regarding the charging time, from a completely depleted battery, it can take about 2 hours using a USB wall charger or about 4 hours if a computer USB port is used.




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Re: Black bar at bottom edge GOPRO 6

Hi EJ,


I have updated the softaware manually. But black bars still appearing on the bottom of the screen (Go Pro Hero 6 black), while previewing the clip and recording. If you change it to 2.7k 4:3 Res the black bars appears on the sides of the screen (both sides). In 4k the bar shifts to bottom. In still camera mode bars appears on both the sides, but not bottom.


Another issue, I put my camera (Go Pro Hero 6 black) on a wall charge for more that 2 and half hour,s but its not reaching to 100% charge and the LED's lights are not turnning off.


Its a week old camera bought. I could have contacted the Amazon for replacing. But I have googled about black bars appearing on Go Pro Screen. There're many people facing the same issue. I found very mix reviews. Some reviews says its because the new update of Go Pro firmware and some has said its because the resolution you're selecting. 


I am attaching the image of the bars appearing in bottom.


Is there's any way to fix this...?








Black bar apperaing in the bottom_go pro 6.jpg
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Re: Black bar at bottom edge GOPRO 6

The black bars are normal.
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Re: Black bar at bottom edge GOPRO 6

Hello @roamromeo


Thank for posting back. The black bars are always there when you are in recording or time lapse modes (idle) and during recording - at the bottom of the screen unless the camera is set to 4:3 when black bars appear at the sides. You may not have noticed it right away because the menu options usually cover it up.

How much charge does your camera get? The reason why the red light remains lit is because the battery is not 100% charged yet. Although it is worthy noting that almost 3 hours is already an ample to time to get a  full charge. If possible, try with a different outlet, or power source (like a power bank), or a different cable or battery and let us know how it goes. 



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Re: Black bar at bottom edge GOPRO 6

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Certain batteries tend to be a little more finicky than others. I have a few that always turn off at 100% and one that every now and then seems to hang. If, after 2 1/2 hours I still see the light on, I'll turn the camera on and often it reads 100%. If I then turn the camera off while still being plugged in, it will charge for a minute and then the light turns off. This happened much more before the last two updates. It could be the updates helped correct the issue or the batteries are just more conditioned now that they've had some use. Either way, the charging mostly seems to be fine, except for the occasional hang with the one battery.