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Black 7 screen freeze + distortion pixels

Dear community and GoPro, 


In the beginning of October I bought my first GoPro. I wanted the best, so I bought the GoPro 7Black.

In the periode up until now everything worked great. But I noticed a major flaw in the device.

Two times in the periode up until now the GoPro had a screen freeze. It even showed a distortion in the screen.

I saw how the pixels turned green. I took a photo of the screen and will post it in this message.

I had no other choice to pull out the battery and restart the device. Because nothing helped to turn the device of.

I have two times reset the device and install the software update. 


I hope that this problem can be dealt with a software update. If not, i'm afraid i'll have to turn it back in.

Note. the GoPro has been updated with the new software v1.51 (26/09/2018).



With kind regards


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Re: Black 7 screen freeze + distortion pixels

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Thank you for sharing this, @toughvista33347. This is something unexpected and we will let our team know about what is going on. Do the pixels appear randomly? How was the firmware update done? We would also be interested in the brand and capacity of the SD card that you are using. Hope to hear back from you. Best regards!

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Re: Black 7 screen freeze + distortion pixels

Dear GoPro @mariustanya,


This twice happend after the update was installed. Don't know what the time was between the occurrences and the updates.

Don't know if this is due to the update... .Yeah, the pixels are random. The SD Card I use is a SanDisk Extreme 64 GB.

Should I turn the GoPro back in? Or what should I do? Don't want to experience again.


Would like to say that everything else is amazing! 


Thanks for replying! 



Kind regards, 


Defever M.




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Re: Black 7 screen freeze + distortion pixels

Do you think it can be card related,  try to format your card first.  do a full format in a computer  not a quick format or camera one, until you done a full format.  You  already manually placed on firmware, you may want to d othat once again.  once you acomplished both the fomrat, the quick and  the camera, and firmware. keep an eye on it. when you say send back for a  refund or replacement? and in the next number of hours in the month of December  Bugs and issues are going to be addressed in  fw 1.** release but will yours be  the addressed issue?  so stay tuned and give that a shot. I fel yours deals with hardware and card, the image sensor and card.



love to hear how long a team, will get an answer back and hte resolution to you. lets see ???

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Re: Black 7 screen freeze + distortion pixels

Hey Fishycomics, 


I'll give that a shot! When I say I would send it back, it would be for a replacement.

I'm really satisfied about the product. But yeah, you don't want to have that issue on your screen.

Hopefully the problem can be fixed with the whole format thing. If not I hope a software update will do the trick.

If the same fault occurs I'll let you know.


Thanks for the help! 



With kind regards


Defever M.