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I'm having a problem with the GoPro billing department. They overcharged my bank account $452.95 plus what i actually did owe them $378.40 for a total of $831.35. It totally wiped out the balance in my bank account plus some. This happened on a Friday when I first noticed I had a zero balance. I called my bank to report the unauthorized transaction and then called GOPro and got some individual with an accent (probably Indian) and it was like talking to a robot. He was of no help whatsoever. I asked to talk to a supervisor but got a negatvie response I then asked for another GoPro phone number and he said there wasn't one. He said the problem would solve itself when the product I ordered would arrive on the following Monday. In the meantime I had to make it through the weekend with no money in my bank account. A quick with the BBB (Better Business Bureau) showed 232 complaints against GoPro. I left a message in their message center but never received a response. Very poor management is usually the cause of problems such as these and they need and should be addressed. However I don't fell like GoPro is much concerned when it comes to public relations because of the way they have found to isolate themselves. If I don't get my money returned I will consider "lawyering up" and perhaps filing criminal charges regarding the unathorized charges to my bank account. Is GoPro listening? I doubt it...