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Best settings for Green Water,SCUBA, Magenta Filter, and Low-ish Light

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As an trust old GoPro HD HERO2 user for scuba diving, helment mounted, no lens filter, just turn it on and dive, I was acutely aware of how it didn't like low-light and my recordings often suffered pixelation blocks.  With a new HERO5 Black, WOW, incredible difference in quality and tolerance to lower light. 


Diving in UK, makes it 'green-water' so I now use a magenta filter.  Again, mega difference to the reds (maybe no so much on white-balance). 


My question to the community, are there any other green water divers with suggestions on settings? 


In my trials to date, I do like to remove the fish-eye effect, so currently record with the following setting:


PAL 1080p 50fps and LINRfov. ProTune is off


I've yet to really edit any footage, any suggestions to fast-track me on a great compatible config most appreciated (my preference is of using a helmet mount with camera front middle, this way I can then see the LED's still flashing, comforting knowing when still recording!  But, that means no video light, and UK water visibility for a 60m Trimix dive is always dark (to say the least).


(attached piccy is me with an adult female seal, i'm wearing my old HERO2 on the helmet, a friend taking the photo i've posted, but gives you an idea of the colour of water and light level i'm enquiring over, for the picture attached, the kelp a giveaway to this being circa 15m only and am looking for setting in far lower lumen level (up to 60m)!  


(photo credited to my good friend Maria Harwood, taken in the Isle of Man)

IoM Sean & Seal.jpg