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Best Settings to use my hero 9 for skiing to upload to instagram

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I recently purchased the go pro hero 9. I am new to this so just want to make sure I can get the most out of this as possible. I need to know what settings I should have my go pro set to if im going to edit in adobe premier then upload to instagram. In the past my videos on instagram came out blurry and I decided to buy the hero 9 becuase i thought it would help with clarity on instagram. Long story short can anyone give me some insight on the setting I should put my go pro 9 for skiing to then edit and upload to instagram. Thanks

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Re: Best Settings to use my hero 9 for skiing to upload to instagram

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The settings usually aren't the issue on your camera, it's the software you edit with.  The GoPro app is great for quick and simple edits, but the bit rate on the export isn't the highest (and then instagrame, youtube etc all add their own compression to the video which makes it look so blocky and low resolution).


I would record in the highest frame rate and resolution possible with a high bitrate.  Then edit on a PC at high resolution (so if you record in 4K, edit in 4K, do not use any "presets" such as "export for youtube" etc when working with the video) and export with a very high bitrate also.