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can i use any gopro rechargeable battery in my gopro 3 hero

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Re: Battery

No Hero 3 and hero for are edicated to those camera's Hero 5 and hero 6 to that camera

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Re: Battery

Thanks. A mate has lent me a hero 3 for an upcoming holiday, however battery won,t charge. No dedicated charger just using laptop or wallplug. Im thinking new battery needed. any advice would be appreciated.

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Re: Battery


Hi @megawave2085



If your camera is not powering on, this points us towards a fault with the camera, battery, SD card, or there could be a loose connection somewhere.  We have some tips for you to try that should clear up the issue for you.

  1. Please reinsert the battery into the camera, then use the GoPro USB cable to connect your camera to a USB port directly on your computer or to a USB wall charger that outputs 5V and 1A.
  2. Once connected to a charging source, you should see a red LED light up on the front of your camera within no more than a couple of minutes.  If you do not see a red LED illuminate on the front of your camera, please try using a different USB cable and USB port or charger.  If you are unable to get the front red LED to illuminate with multiple known, good charging sources, please contact Customer Support.
  3. Once you have the front red LED lit up, firmly press and release the Power button, and camera should power ON.  If you cannot get the camera to power ON with this battery, please try using another battery for this test if you happen to have one available to you.
  4. If your camera powers ON with a different battery, then it's likely that your other battery is very low on charge, or has perhaps reached the end of its life.  Follow the next step for charging the battery that was able to power the camera ON.
  5. Disconnect your camera from the USB cable and remove, then reinsert the battery into your camera once more.  With the camera powered OFF, connect it to the charging source with the USB cable again. 

With the battery in the camera and connected to the charging source, you should see the red LED light up on the front of the camera.  This indicates that your camera is charging the battery.  With the front red LED lit up, your camera should reach a full charge in 2 hours if connected to a wall charger that outputs 5V and 1A.  If connected to your computer's USB port, it may take up to 4 hours to reach a full charge.  Once the red LED shuts off, your camera's battery has reached a full charge.


You can contact our Support Team for further assistance.