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Battery state while camera is off.

Does the camera drains the battery even if is off? I remember having a regular digital one that I had to take the batteries of when it was not being used to avoid the batteries from dying. Thanks.
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Re: Battery state while camera is off.



The gopro wont drain the battery when the camera is off as long as the wifi is turned off. If the wifi is left on then it will continue to drain the battery. I have left cameras fully charged without use for a few weeks and they are still the same level when i pull them out to use them.



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Re: Battery state while camera is off.

Sorry Sam but... total nonsense.

GoPro batteries are terrible for self-draining for no reason.
Late last week I charged both my Hero4 Silver & backpac battery fully.
The GP was left totally switched off & the bacpac was not connected to the GP.
Today, about a week later, I went to use both & found the GP had well less than 1/2 charge left & the backpac only had about 2/3rds charge.
Neither of these have ever had heavy use so should not be experiencing this sort of problem.
I've been using GPs for a number of years now & see that batteries are still their single biggest problem to the extent that I would call them unreliable.


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Re: Battery state while camera is off.

Hi Everyone, 


I want to explain that it is NOT normal behavior for the battery to drain overnight in any of our cameras. @smobley was correct in stating that so long as the Wi-Fi is turned off the camera should not drain the battery when powered down. 


@adamw6837 and @Anonymous, if this is happening with your cameras I would definitely recommend the following troubleshooting to determine whether or not the battery/camera might be faulty. 


  1. Make sure Wi-Fi is turned off (as was stated previously)
  2. Make sure the camera is being charged correctly.  See this FAQ for more info:  How to Charge the Camera Battery.
  3. Perform general run time test (like below), to see if anything else is revealed.

You should expect to get about 1.5 hours of battery life with your camera  under standard conditions, so let's test for that by doing the following:

  1. Turn Wi-Fi off
  2. Disconnect any BacPacs
  3. Fully charge the camera battery
  4. Ensure that the camera is powered off and then let it sit overnight.  The next day try to power the camera back on.  If it does power on, continue to step 5.
  5. Reformat the SD card in camera
  6. Set the camera to 1080-30
  7. Make sure Protune is turned off
  8. Then record one long video file and check what kind of runtime you get

If you continue to see issues with diminishing battery life I would recommend reaching out to support to see about any further troubleshooting or replacing that might need to happen. 



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Re: Battery state while camera is off.

Hi bschmals,

Okay... example for you. My Hero4 Silver & battery bacpac (GoPro not generic) were put away in my camera bag about two weeks ago.

Both the camera & bacpac were fully charged.

Everything was switched off.

Today I grabbed my camera to shoot some footage and both the camera and bacpac have zero charge.

I mean really? This is just crazy? Do I need to charge my camera & battery pack for 4-hours evrytime I need to use it?
I should also add that this is not a case of over-use and a run-down battery as the camera has probably shot less than 10-hours of footage since I bought it.

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Re: Battery state while camera is off.

Hi @adamw6837


I'm sorry that this has happened. As I stated previously its not expected for the camera battery to die when the camera is being stored for longer periods. 


Was the Battery BacPac connected to the camera when it was stored away? I see in your previous comment that they weren't but they only had a bit of charge left. (It's definitely recommended to store the battery/ Battery BacPac separate from the camera when storing the camera for longer than a day or so.)


If this is a reoccuring issue I would very much suggest that you reach out to Customer Support to see about getting further assistance with this battery draining issue. 

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Re: Battery state while camera is off.

Hi bschmals, sorry for the delay but I needed to test a couple of things before I got back to you.

On the 27/2 I fully charged the BacPac & camera seperately. I then stored both seperately.

Today, just on two weeks later I have gone to use the GoPro and have found that the BacPac is showing as having full charge (on its display panel) while the GoPro has zero charge. Not even enough to turn on.

When the BacPac is fitted to the GoPro the LED display on the GoPro shows the extended battery indicator with charge at 50% further demonstarting that the GoPro has lost all charge while in storage for 2-weeks.


Little wonder I've barely used it since new when it's so unreliable.

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Re: Battery state while camera is off.

Hi @adamw6837


I'm definitely sorry that this is continuing to happen, however I have a few more bits of troubleshooting I'd like to try. 


What's happening with the battery draining, sounds like it could be an issue with the software of the camera causing it to continue to try and index files even when turned off. So as a first step, I'd like you to perform a manual update on the camera. 


Then, once the software is updated, I want to have you charge up your battery and then remove it and the memory card from the camera and store them for a day or two. 


After day two go ahead and put the battery back in and check to see if the battery level has diminished. If so this points to a bad battery, and I would recommend reaching out to support to get you a replacement. 


If it isn't drained then the work around of storing everything separately seems to be the solution. 


Give it a try and let me know how it goes.


Thanks so much,

GoPro Support Hub Moderator