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Battery overheat

I just purchased my GoPro 7 Black as an upgrade from my GoPro Hero. After placing the 7 Black on top of my bicycle helmet the system shut down after 30 minutes of recording time. When I pulled over to inspect the camera the system was very hot, almost too hot to touch. I never experienced this with my Hero system and recording times on a full charge lasted an hour. I am a bit displeased so far considering I just purchased this last week. Is there a solution? I noticed several other concerns regarding battery over heating and unexpected shut down due to overheating.
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Re: Battery overheat

What resolution were you shooting in? What features were turned on? What was the temperature outside? What time of day was it? What SD card (Make/Model/Size) are you using?
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Re: Battery overheat

Did you keep it on some extra case at the helmet while rolling ? 4k/60 fps should record constantly 57 minutes in 25C/77F (my test)