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Battery only charges to 98%

Hi all,


Yesterday I bought a new GoPro Hero 5 Black, and a spare GoPro battery. I got home put it onto charge with the battery that came with the camera, after 3 or so hours it was at 98%, so I left it on charge overnight to ensure it was at 100%. I went to it this morning and it was still at 98%, so I put in the spare battery put it onto charge, and after several hours it was at 100%... great.


I took the spare battery out, refitted the original battery, and did the set up, and it was down to 57%.... mmm. I put the camera with the original battery back onto charge and after 2 hours it's at 98%, 30 mins later still at 98%, and seems to stay there no matter how long I charge it.


I put in a brand new Sandisk extreme 32 gb micro SD card, formatted it, and the batterries are showing the same original 98%, spare 100%. So, a problem with the original battery it seems. Is there a way to clear the memory effect on the original battery, or is it a take it back and exchange it job?

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Re: Battery only charges to 98%

Hey @barbarab482,


It should not hurt the battery. I also had this issue but the newest firmware looks to have solved the issue for me. Our camera team also suggested that it may take a few cycles for the battery to read 100%. I would recommend using the camera a few times, and using a 5v 2amp wall charger to make sure the camera is completely charged.




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Re: Battery only charges to 98%

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I have the same problem (Gopro Hero 6, firmware 1.60). I own 6 original Gopro batteries (manufacturer: Amperex).


Some load up to 98%, some to 99%. But no battery charges up to 100%. In my Gopro Dual Charger, all batteries are charged up to 100%. I hope Gopro will release a small update at short notice to fix this bug.


Can it be that the Samsung Gopro batteries are charged to 100% and the batteries from Amperex not?


The manufacturer is printed on the side of the battery in very small font.

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Re: Battery only charges to 98%

It's possible that the battery reader that displays the % remaining is just rounding down or misreading the power level. We've flagged this to our engineering team and if there's a adjustment, I'm sure they'll push it out in a future firmware update.




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Re: Battery only charges to 98%

I am having the same problem with my new Hero 6.  The red light never goes off and the battery only charges to 98%.  I see that Jeff posted this issue 2 weeks ago.  Do we have an answer to the problem?  


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Re: Battery only charges to 98%


Are you on the latest firmware update?  You might want to try a manual update.

What SD card are you using?  Does the camera charging light turn off if the card is not in the camera?

Do you have GoPro Plus and is auto upload turned on?

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Re: Battery only charges to 98%

Hello Babs, so far I have only got the standard answers (update etc.)


I feel that my problem is not taken seriously. This is now the fifth Hero 6 I use. All have the problem that the battery does not load at the first attempt to 100%.


I hope, at the next firmware update there are some adjustments.


@GoPro: Is there a planned release date for an upcoming update?

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Re: Battery only charges to 98%

Thanks for the reply.  Now I am debating, based on your answer, whether to return this unit and try for another that works correctly.


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Re: Battery only charges to 98%

I did the firmware update immediately.  I am using the san disk extreme 64 GB card.  I will check out the other things you mentioned as soon as I get time.  Thanks.