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Battery length

My battery on my brand new 5 sessoin dies really quickly when snowboarding.  The temperature was around 25 degrees and it was really faulty.  It would shut off and quickly started showing low battery.  Does anyone have experience with this?  Does the cold affect the battery length dramatically?  Could it be something else?  This was the first it was used.  Thanks

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Re: Battery length

Hey @epicpike5265,


It could be something related to the camera or the environment you are shooting in.


I would start by making sure the camera is up to date and that you are using a recommend SD Card:


I would also give these tips a try:


  • Keep the camera and battery warm before/during use (stow it in an interior pocket). 
  • Leaving the camera on, in standby may be beneficial, as powering the camera off for an extended period of time will allow the camera's temperature to drop.
  • Minimize the use of resolutions/frame rate combinations higher than 1080p30, unless necessary. If you're not looking to take advantage of higher resolutions, or slow down your video while editing, 1080p30 is a great high-definition, energy efficient recording setting.
  • Minimize the use of Wi-Fi. It requires quite a bit of battery power to retain the video feed and control the camera; even more so in low temperatures. 
  • Use the waterproof housing whenever possible, to retain the heat given off by the camera during use.

Hope that helps!




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Re: Battery length

Same here.  Battery life pretty much non existent on the 5 session.  I've read it's also because using it in a cold environment with WIFI on and VoiceControl as well drains it very quickly.....but that functionality is why I bought the camera.  THe battery life was brutal on my was about -10 degrees celcius and lasted about 15 minutes.


I just bought a battery pack and plug it in when I'm on the chairlift and turn off WIFI and Voice Control.  Annoying but I can't think of anything else.