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Battery issue

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Just received my new Hero8Black, and I ordered a spare battery. First, I was suprised to see there was no charger included. I went to charge the batteries and the first 2 charged up (slowly, plugged into a wall USB charger) and the charginng status was on the screen indicating what level the battery was at.


The third battery however, did not give any indication what level the battery was at. And for the first time, the red light on the front of the camera went on. It stayed on for over 24 hours, and it gave me no indication if the battery was charging, or if it was charged already.


is there something wrong with the battery?

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Re: Battery issue

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Hi @chuckx32762


Please make sure that your camera is up to date.

Once done, try the battery on the camera again.

See what percentage it is on.

If it did not charge at all, then there could be an issue on the said battery.


Let us know how it goes.
You may also reach out to our Support Team through for further assistance.


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Re: Battery issue

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I forgot to add that I did update the camera to the January 2020 update, and it still did it.


I did a "chat" with go pro and I was told that if the camera is on, the charging percentage will appear in the window, and if the camera is off, it will it and the red dot on the camera will be visible.


I don't recall turning the camera on while charging the other batteries.....