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Battery drain issue information

Just sharing some findings with my GPH7B I have 4 batteries, A,B C and D. I have been testing this battery drain issue and found out of my batteries, battery C does drain overnight. The problem may not be the camera or firmware but more so the battery. Batteries A,B and D if left in the camera over 3 -5 days do not drop at all. I have turned the camera on and it still displayed 100% after 4 days if it wasnt used. Hope this helps

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Re: Battery drain issue information

Are there any serial numbers on the batteries that you have?  Or any identifying marks?  That may help narrow it down to a manufacturing issue/software issue.

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Re: Battery drain issue information

Thank you for sharing, @roccopirr. As @irishmanpdx already stated, are there identifying information on the batteries that you have tested? Such information would be greatly helpful with isolating the issue. There were earlier reports from users on the difference in performance between China- and Vietnam-manufactured batteries. Could this be the case with your cameras? Hope to hear back from you.