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Battery drain gopro 7 when is off



how many of you are facing with this problem?

I can’t understand how to fix it. I called customer service and they suddgested me to do this test:

charge the battery till 100% and leave it overnight. In the morning check the %. I did and it was 100%.


repeat the same test but, instead of leaving the battery inside, take it out from the camera.

in the morning it was 100%. 


That means I shouldn’t have any problem.. right?      FALSE.


i put back the battery and the day after was 96% in the morning.

this morning was 90%, so it dropped 6% after 24 hours


what Can I do? Leave the battery outside while they are thinking about the new firmware?!


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Re: Battery drain gopro 7 when is off

The small drop you are seeing is most likely do to the Bluetooth. The camera keeps it on for eight hours after being turned off. It's also not uncommon for an initial drop off power when the camera is first turned on.
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Re: Battery drain gopro 7 when is off

Thank you for your reply Daniel.


I bet the draining will keep going..when I will come back home I will check again.


Few days ago it was 100% and after 3 days the battery was flat.

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Re: Battery drain gopro 7 when is off

Still try to understand if the problem it’s software or hardware..

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Re: Battery drain gopro 7 when is off

I noticed this myself yesterday.  Had chaged to 100% used the camera for about 2 minutes and battery was dead.  Of course it sat for a couple of days first.  I gues we need to chage and pull the battery directly after charging.