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Battery door on 7black is not flush when closed - is this okay?

The battery door on our new 7black is not quite flush with the body when it’s closed. Is this okay? Will this cause it to not be waterproof? I don’t see an option here to add a photo, but the part of the door that is popping up a little is the end below the logo and it’s popping up by about 1/2 - 1mm.
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Re: Battery door on 7black is not flush when closed - is this okay?

Hi @deftdusk47851,

Please try pulling the battery out. Once the camera cools down (if currently warm), re-insert the battery applying a firm pressure. 
Make sure that the door is fully extended and then release tab has it pop back up (if not, you can press it from the underside to pop it back up). With the battery door fully extended, close the door and then slide it shut (all while applying firm downward pressure). 
If in case you still get the same result, given that this is a recent purchase and out-of-the-box issue, kindly reach out to the retailer so they can help you with the next steps. 

If you purchased the camera at, you can contact our Support team by phone or chat through

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