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Battery discharges with camera off

Hi, I have a gopro hero4 black. And it is discharging the battery even when the camera is off. I made sure, the wifi is also off, and even so in the period of about 12 hours with the camera turned off, it totally depletes the battery charge. I updated Firmware, did not solve. I thought it could be the battery with problems, I bought a new battery, original gopro, but that also unloads. Has anyone ever experienced this? Do you know what I can do to solve the problem?
Sorry for English, I'm using google translator, because I'm Brazilian and I speak Portuguese.

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Re: Battery discharges with camera off

Hello @hardystar83035


Appreciate you going through troubleshooting steps including getting a different battery. The best path forward is to contact our Support team for further assistance. You can reach them here: 


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Re: Battery discharges with camera off

If the Support Team isn't able to help you correct your issue, you can try these steps to see if you can get your camera functioning properly.

Take the SD card out of the camera and do a reset.
HERO4 Instructions
Press the Mode (front) button until you see the Setup Gear icon.
Press the Shutter (top) button to select it.
Press the Mode (front) button until Reset Cam is highlighted.
Press the Shutter (top) button to select it.
Press the Mode (front) button to highlight Reset.
Press the Shutter (top) button to select it.
When the camera powers on, it will be set to all of the factory defaults.

Download and extract the manual update to your computer. Insert your SD card into your computer using a USB/SD card adapter. Format the card and then place the UPDATE folder (not onto the card. Eject the card and put it into your camera. Turn on the camera and allow the update to complete. Once done, turn off the camera and remove the battery and SD card.

1) Take the battery out of the camera (the SD card should also be removed if you haven't already done so) and then hold down the front mode/power button for about 30 seconds. While holding down the top shutter button, insert the battery and power the camera on (do not replace the SD card). Once the camera is powered on, release the top shutter. Wait about one minute and power the camera off.

2) Plug your camera into a wall charger and allow to charge until the charge light turns off. Unplug the camera and wait 12 hours to see if the battery has depleted. If the camera has a charge, it might just be your SD card giving you issues. Do a FULL (not quick) format of the card in your computer and repeat the above steps. If the battery depletes again, try a different SD card.

3) If the battery is depleted without the SD card, take the battery out of the camera. Put the camera in a sealed plastic bag and put it in your freezer for 2-4 hours. Remove the camera and let it thaw while wrapped in a paper towel. Repeat steps 1&2. The freezer method seems to work for some people, although some have reported needing to do so several times, so it's worth trying more than once if it doesn't work the first time.