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Battery died while filming, footage lost

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This is my first GoPro, I puchased the Hero9 bundle with the 64GB SanDisk SDXC card.  Last weekend I was filming for my YouTube channel and we had some excitement during filming and thankfully I had my GoPro on.  A little later I heard it beep several times and then shut off.  I knew it would be smart enough to save the video before shutting off, but when I tried to review the footage, there is a large gap of footage missing from that part of the day when I had to switch batteries.  All I found in the gap was a file that says "Unable to view".  The file is also only 128MG, not close to the 3GB of my other video files recorded that day.  I tried playing it on my GoPro, on the Cloud after uploading, off the camera connected via USB, and directly off the SD card using an SD adapter in my computer.  I used multiple video players but none are able to play it.  


What went wrong?  Do I have a defective camera?  SD card?  Do GoPro's not save when they die?  How do people record timelapses and stuff?  Do they sit there untilt the battery is low and switch it out?  

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Re: Battery died while filming, footage lost

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Hello, @williamg60.


Sorry to hear about the files.

The camera automatically saves the file (whatever was recorded).  

We do not have any preferred methods of data recovery as this may vary from SD card manufacturers of the preferred methods for recovering your data.

You may reach out to the SD card manufacturer to check on further options troubleshooting steps you can try.


To help isolate the issue, you may also test another SD card.

Let us know how it goes