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Battery Life and Settings Hero 7 Silver

HI All,  


I got a Hero 7 for chritmas and I have noticed that they battery on my unit is well shocking to be honest. If i charge it during the day to 100% if i leave it unplugged over night by the time the follwing morning rolls around its dead.  


I have taken off all the auto comands and Wi-fi and has made a slight difference but will still drop from 100% to 10% if not zero while switched off. I have run all the way through the camera to check it is switch off and i cnnot figure out why the battery is running so badly.  


this battery issue has also brough around a settings issue everytime the battery dies the camera resets it self which to be honest isnt a functonal issue its just really annoying.  


Nay helo would be amazing, I llove the product but this is starting to grate on me. 


Kind Regards, 



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Re: Battery Life and Settings Hero 7 Silver

Hi @noblecreek77781,


Sorry to know that. 


Please try to reset your camera to factory settings. 

After that install new firmware:

Make sure to follow the manual update steps. 


After that make sure to turn of Wireless connection when not in use.