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Battery Life and Settings Hero 7 Silver

HI All,  


I got a Hero 7 for chritmas and I have noticed that they battery on my unit is well shocking to be honest. If i charge it during the day to 100% if i leave it unplugged over night by the time the follwing morning rolls around its dead.  


I have taken off all the auto comands and Wi-fi and has made a slight difference but will still drop from 100% to 10% if not zero while switched off. I have run all the way through the camera to check it is switch off and i cnnot figure out why the battery is running so badly.  


this battery issue has also brough around a settings issue everytime the battery dies the camera resets it self which to be honest isnt a functonal issue its just really annoying.  


Nay helo would be amazing, I llove the product but this is starting to grate on me. 


Kind Regards, 



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Re: Battery Life and Settings Hero 7 Silver

Hi @noblecreek77781,


Sorry to know that. 


Please try to reset your camera to factory settings. 

After that install new firmware:

Make sure to follow the manual update steps. 


After that make sure to turn of Wireless connection when not in use.




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Re: Battery Life and Settings Hero 7 Silver

Hi Jay,  


Sorry the very delayed reply. Not used my camera since i did what you suggested.    


I updated all the firmwear reset everything back to factory and this has made very little difference. 


I have run a couple of timed tests over the past couple of days.  From 99% charged (it will not make it to 100%) it will be down to 20% within a couple of hours of being switched off. So in this instance the camera is off and not being used at all, I have all wireless voice comands etc all switched off.  


Any help with this would be brilliant, spoken to the retailer that i got it from and they have said that its an issue that lays with Go pro at this stage due to the lenghty of time that i have had it. Not great as I cant really take to camera anywhere without having it on charge right up to the point that im going to use it.  Not amazing for a portable camera.  





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Re: Battery Life and Settings Hero 7 Silver

Thank you for the update, @noblecreek77781. Since the issue still persists despite you having gone through recommended steps, the next path forward would be to engage our Support team. The team can be reached by phone or chat through .

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Re: Battery Life and Settings Hero 7 Silver

Hi, tried to call the number but doesn’t seem to connect, I don’t know if this is because I’m in the uk. Do you happen to have a email address for the customer service department. I cant use chat as I’m not fortunate enough to be able to do that.
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Re: Battery Life and Settings Hero 7 Silver

Hi @noblecreek77781


Our Support Team is available via phone or chat.

Please make sure to contact them during their hours of operations listed on the link above.

Also, it is best to call them from a landline number or a network that allows calls to toll free numbers.