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Battery Drain Hero 7 Black

Battery drain issue.
Battery is fully charged. I can go out and use it. Maybe shoot 3-4 mins in 1,2 or 3 short videos. Next time I go to use it, within 30mins battery is completely flat and the unit is really warm. This has happened many many times now since purchase. On some occasions it hasn't happened but it does more often than not. I've even noticed it happen when I've just been in the house and having a look at the settings.
Fully charged the GoPro, turned it on (Not recording or anything), turned it off. Come back to it 10mins later and I can feel it really warm. Try to turn it on and nothing, it's flat. Even the date and time all goes out of sync too. On'y corrects itself the next time i've connected to my phone/GoPro app. I've read about this issue loads on the internet. All the advised tips have not worked, plus I consider them pointless. Turning off half the features is not a fix!!!  I wouldn't purchase this product knowingly if I had to do all that just for it to not drain on me. It should work as designed. I understadn some of the tips are to try narrow down the issue. But as stated, non worked.

The SD Card was one that was supplied with the device and one many recommend. SanDisk Extreme V30 32GB.

Unit is less than a year old. I've tried for a while to persist with it but today it happened again and I've missed some great footage of a day out, so a little bit unhappy to say the least.

Please advise if a fix is present or a replacement can be made? 
Device purchased 13/03/2019

Current GoPro software version is 01.90 (HD7. Please be aware I also had this problem before the latest update I installed in November.

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Re: Battery Drain Hero 7 Black

Hi @davidw60274,


Here's what you can do. 

First turn off Wi-Fi and Voice Command before turning off your camera. 


If that won't fix the issue, update your camera manually:


After update try to drain your battery and then charge it again.

Do a battery runtime test and check the temperature. 


If that won't fix the problem, please contact GoPro customer support.



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Re: Battery Drain Hero 7 Black

I will try this over the next month or so and see what happens. It's still not ideal having to do this but probably something I could live with.


I will report back my findings