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Batteria gopro hero 7 black

Buongiorno, sabato sono stato a sciare e ho portato dietro la mia gopro hero 7 black. Dopo averla tenuta tutta la mattinata in tasca, dopo pranzo ho provato a registrare un video. La gopro non si accendeva, come se la batteria fosse scarica del tutto nonostante io l'avessi caricata fino al 100% la notte prima di andare a sciare. Quale può essere il problema e come posso risolverlo? 

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Re: Batteria gopro hero 7 black

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@foggystorm28668, sorry to hear about the trouble. It is important to determine battery integrity to make sure that your camera works smoothly. You may perform a short record time test through the instructions here:


Reinstalling the firmware update of the camera can also help correct any errors with the current software installation. Follow the Manual Update instructions specified in this article:


Other users also suggest that after fully charging your camera, removing then reinserting the battery helps.

Should you get a runtime that is significantly shorter than the expected battery life, despite you using a recommended SD card and the camera being updated to the latest firmware, let our Support team know. This way, they can help you with the next steps. You may reach them through .  

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Re: Batteria gopro hero 7 black

Li-Po batteries are very sensitive to cold. Although it was in your pocket, if the camera/battery got too cold, it could have depleted the power from the battery. Where you trying to turn the camera on using the side Mode button or the top Shutter (Quick Capture)? Did you try removing and reinserting the battery? When you got home and plugged the camera in to charge, how long did it take? Did you check the battery level at the start?

Sometimes, all that is needed is for the camera and battery to be warmed up a bit. Taking the battery out and putting it in a warm environment (under your shirt against skin is usually good) will sometimes revive the battery.
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Re: Batteria gopro hero 7 black

 hold up. how was your phone, it did not die.  why like said  ...