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Bad video quality on youtube

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Hello, i have GopRo Max.

I have problems with video quality on youtube - (pixelate text at the beginning of video). In PC it is sharp but in youtube it s pixelate 


Video settings was 1080p, 60 fps

Export setting in adobe premiere was H.264 codec, 1920x1080, VBR 1pass, target bitrate 16mbps


Can you help me? Where is the problem?

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Re: Bad video quality on youtube

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Hi @peppystar5683


Have you tried uploading the raw file to YouTube?

Do you observe the same?




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Re: Bad video quality on youtube

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Yes, quality of footage when i upload a raw file on youtube is i think the same as exported footage from adobe premiere pro on youtube (not good)

But in PC is it sharp. i dont know, where is the problem

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Re: Bad video quality on youtube

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If it plays on the PC just fine, then there's nothing wrong with the camera or the video file.  If it looks low quality on Youtube it's because of Youtubes compression.


One thing to note is that the clip on Youtube was only 1080P.  You would be better off exporting it at 4k or the full 5.6K and uploading that to youtube to improve quality.  Also make sure you are recording in a high bit rate and exporting at a high bitrate with constant bit rate selected.  Variable bit rate can cause compression artifacts.  Also make sure you are doing a single pass compression also.