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Audio sometimes cuts out on playback - HERO 3+ Silver

Hi all,


After transferring from the micro SD card to my mac, some of the videos that I recorded over the weekend start with audio, but then all of a sudden the audio cuts out to an almost muted (but slightly muffled) tone. It sounds similar to the dull sound you hear when cupping your own ear (but without any background noise creeping in). I believe the camera was out of its waterproof case at the time, and don't recall it happening when it's been in its case. 


Can anyone help? Is there a noise-reduction mechanism that may be being triggered, perhaps?


I am using a Samsung 64GB Class 10 microSD card.


Also, I presume the audio is not recoverable?




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Re: Audio sometimes cuts out on playback - HERO 3+ Silver

Hi @jenb8057


Does this happen on certain resolutions or is it random?

So we can better assess the issue, would you mind sharing a sample file?

What specific Samsung card are you using? Does it say Pro or Pixtor?


Please see if resetting the camera will work.  Reset Camera Settings
If it's still the same, proceed with a manual software update.
Let us know how it goes.

You may also reach out to our Support Team for assistance through





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Re: Audio sometimes cuts out on playback - HERO 3+ Silver

The SD card stats are: "Samsung 64GB Class 10 UHS-1 Grade 1 70MB/s MicroSDXC Pro"


The camera is using the latest firmware version.


I haven't tried any other resolutions - I don't think this is the issue.


Here is a file created from the original .mp4 file (note that this muting effect happened in the original file too):

- Any ideas, now?


Many thanks,


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Re: Audio sometimes cuts out on playback - HERO 3+ Silver

Hello @jenb8057. If you have already gone through recommended troubleshooting  steps already and the issue still persists, let our Support team know. This way, they will be able to walk you further steps. You may reach the team by phone or chat through . When you do make sure that you have access to the camera, and camera information so you can get assisted as quickly as possible.