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Re: Audio gradually looses sync in long clips stitched by Fusion Studio

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@mariustanya Do you know that my issue with audio sync has been fixed in this beta ?  Or are you suggesting I take the time to install this beta (i.e. possibly subject to other bugs) just on the off chance it helps ?


If the later, I'm sorry but I do not have the time to try things that like this.  In my opinion, gopro support should be doing this, rather than subjecting it's customer to 'trial and error' support.  I spent quite a bit of time producing and uploading a long render which very cleary demonstrates the problem, as well as describing how to reproduce the issue with Gopro support.   I have asked some specific questions re. what they are doing to resolve the problem.  No answer.    I'm not the only one hitting this problem.


I am travelling again, and have brought along the insta360 one x which does not suffer from this problem.   I hope gopro support does eventually get around to looking at my issue, because I do like it's image quality a little better than the insta360 one x, but until then, I have no choice but to use the insta.