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Audio but no Video - GoPro Hero7 Black

I am a near novice so this is bound to be down to "pilot error" but I am wondering if others have had the following issue and know what might be causing it:

I got my new Hero7 Black 3-4 weeks ago and should have taken a bit of time to practice with it but never got round to it. Took it skiing last week with some great results and overall very happy but a number of the captures were simply audio with the first video frame as a still and then no more video. The clip continued capturing all AUDIO but no change in the video....just the first frame.

This happened on numerous occasions and I do not understand why it happened and what I did to cause it to occur ?

Has anyone else experienced this or should I be going back to GoPro for a Warranty exchange ?

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Re: Audio but no Video - GoPro Hero7 Black

this is not a feature in the camera but is free when sd cards and firmwares are not to par.  that said  many reported it, tehy may have updated firmware again and formatted in full the card give that a shot.