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Re: Audio Protune and external mic

No that's ok. There is so little information about this feature that you get the feeling GoPro doesn't have the resources to support this side of the device. Obviously, I wouldn't need you to send me a test file if I owned the adapter myself and while the expense of the adapter seems a little high I'm willing to concede there is a reason for this. Electronics like phantom power and the like. The switch to USB-C probably allows for such a device as well. Just like so many things GoPro has given us in their devices I'm trying to decide if this is the route to take or is money better spent on a device that is actually designed for audio recording. The math to me is:


Seperate WAV file has to be synced - GoPro Protune Audio or Audio recorder is equal

Mic selection - Audio recorder has this by a long shot

Ability to set levels - Audio recorder again

Cost - GoPro mic adapter plus a decent mic puts this just about even

Mass(amount you have to carry) - GoPro mic adapter plus external mic again makes this about even


 As much as I commend GoPro for such a great feature in Protune Audio and the ability to connect an even better mic with the feature still active, I don't think the adapter is for me. Don't misunderstand me, it seems to work great.