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Audio Issues in Loud Environment (I think)

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Just got a new Hero6 and tried it out at an indoor water park.  I tested the camera out in the morning in our hotel and everything seemed to work fine.  I did some recording through out the day at the water park and found out that all of the videos suffered from the same problem.  The audio sounds like it is extremetly muffled.  I was trying to be conscious of the mic locations and was trying to hold the camera with just 2 fingers at times so I wouldn't cover the mics.  Once we left the water park (to a more quiet restaurant) to have lunch, the recordings were fine again and everything worked well.  Is there something I need to change on the camera when I'm in louder places for it work correctly?  I didn't have anything extra attached to the camera... just the gopro itself was being used.  Thanks for any advice!  Let me know if there is any info I can add.


I've uploaded the video from the hotel (Good!):


And a video from the indoor water park (they are all like this, Bad!... probably need to turn up your volume... the highest sound you hear is all of the water)

Before going to the water park, testing out the camera.
Just got a hero6 and took it to an indoor water park... audio turned out really bad and I'm curious if I need to change a setting.
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Re: Audio Issues in Loud Environment (I think)

Hi @graydive21641


Thank you for sharing the video links. I suspect that something might have blocked/covered the microphone of the camera when the recording was done in the water park.

I will suggest for you to try another set of recordings with a similar environment and see if the issue persists.


If it's still the same, we'd like to gather additional information. Please contact us via phone or chat.

We will be happy to look into this further!








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Re: Audio Issues in Loud Environment (I think)

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EJ, I have additional videos from a different day where I was using the Hero6 along with the case and clip from this picture (sorry for rotation):


In this video I was holding the case in my hands by the clip.  The audio actually cuts in at the 10 second mark but then reverts back 10 seonds later (the camera got splashed around the same time it cuts out but that could be a coincedence).


Here is the video:


Does that help at all?

I was holding the case by the Quick Clip... the sound actually works for 10 seconds at the 10 second mark.
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Re: Audio Issues in Loud Environment (I think)

there are three Mics the top mic and mice on hte  no port side are the two working mics for Sterio. While hte 3rd mic by hte door side is wind only located to the front of the cam.  The frame  may block the top mic and be offby a mm. that I will not know on the H6B. but take a look at it?  


Have you changed your Sound  from auto to Sterio only since indoors has no   hard breezes or left as is on auto?