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Audio GoPro Hero7

Cuando grabo videos, al pasarlos a la lap no se escucha nada de audio. Alguien sabe como hacer que se escuchen? 

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Re: Audio GoPro Hero7

Swipe up on the camera and let us know if you got sound  Yes or no?  and also let us know if you used  the promic.

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Re: Audio GoPro Hero7

Sorry, just to make sure what you wrote is translating correctly, are you saying that when you put your videos on your laptop computer you are not hearing audio?

We need more information if you could please provide it.

What SD card are you using?
What firmware is your camera using?
What resolution and frame rate are you using?
Is Protune turned on? If yes, what are your settings?
Are you using RAW audio? If yes, Low, Medium, or High?
Are you using Wind Reduction, Stereo, or Auto?
Does the camera play audio if you play back video on it?
What are you using to play the video on your computer?
Is it all videos, or just a few?
How are you transferring the video to your computer? Connecting the camera to the computer with the USB-C cable or are you using a USB/SD adapter?
If you upload the video directly to YouTube, does it play audio?