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App locks up camera after multiple recordings

When plugged in, after about the 15-30th recording, the camera stops responding to the App.  The cameras still are broadcasting WiFi, and the phones/tablets can still connect to the WiFi, the App will still connect to the camera and show settings, but I can't get a Live Stream, can't pull Media Information, and can't start new recordings.


This may be a bug.  It is easy to reproduce, at least on the Hero6Black and Hero5Session cameras I have.  I use both the Android app from a Samsung Galaxy Tab A, or the iPhone app from an iPhone 7.  All cameras are upgraded to latest firmware, and using SanDisk Extreme Pro 32GB SD Cards.  Apps are updated to the latest available in the respective stores.


To duplicate this issue:  Plug in power, connect your App, and then run through a sequence of Start Recording, let it record for a few seconds, Stop Recording, then go to the Media List to let the App load Thumbnails.  You don't need to actually play any videos, just load thumbnails.  Then go back and Start Recording again.


Again, this is ONLY when it is connected to power, and if I go browse the Media on it between recordings.  If I have it unplugged, I can run indefinite Starts/Stops, until the battery runs out.


Can this be filed as a bug please!?!  It is becoming a show stopper for a project we're working on, and makes our investment in these cameras a waste.

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Re: App locks up camera after multiple recordings

Hey @matthewl788,


If you get in touch with our Support Team they may be able to help! They can also pass that feedback along: