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Any chance of a 4K 60fps 360 Mode on the GoPro Max?

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5.6k resolution is great, but I'd sacrifice a little pixel count in favor of an overall smoother framerate experience. And I'm not just saying this as a content creator. Facebook's latest oculus event talk about new standards and how 60fps for video should be the new standard. 3k 6fps on the fusion was too soft, so I hope the GoPro Max can firmware update to add 4k 60fps mode, or at least 50fps mode like the competitor Insta One X. In addition the average computer struggles to handle streaming 360 video that is over the 4k threshold, so why not serve the current market demands? 


I probably will stick with my GoPro Fusion until this updated on the Max in firmware, or until they releax the "Max 2"