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Annoying Response from GOPRO on Orders ! Worst experience EVER on an online order

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Placed an order for Gopro MAX on 28th Oct 2019.(GERMANY). Its not shipped yet even though it was shown as 2 day shipping while ordering.

The resposne from Cutomer care is annoying . Nobody at gopro is able to explain me why order is still pending. NOBODY !!!!!


What happens to order? is gopro going to ship it? any tentative date? Whats the reason for delay? 


These were my questions to GoPro and i believe these are just basic questions even the smallest E-Commerece company out there can answer !!. NOBODY at gopro could answer it. NOBODY seems responsible for the orders made.


So frustrating that gopro dosent value the concerns raised by a customer for an order for which the payment is already done !!. How can an E-Commrece business be so irresposnible for the orders?

Pathetic Experience Ordering on Gopro.


Is there anybody from gopro out there who value customer? Just help me get the answer !!!!!

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Re: Annoying Response from GOPRO on Orders ! Worst experience EVER on an online order

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Same thing happened to me, .
Placed the order on the 29.10.2019, got the confirmation email the next day and since then I didn't get any updates.
I had to contact customer support to try and find out if anything was wrong with my order because the transaction simply vanished from bank account.
Since the 6th of November the customer support wasn't able to tell me what happened to my order, just that it's in the warehouse, being processed and they can't give me more details on that.
When I told them that I want to cancel the order, they were more than happy to do that for me.
Can't believe in 2019 there are still dodgy websites which make fake claims that they are going to deliver an item in 2 days, when they can't even handle their orders properly.
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Re: Annoying Response from GOPRO on Orders ! Worst experience EVER on an online order

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@sorindum : There was an instance where i felt they were ready to cancel the order just beacuse i somewhere mentioned that i would have cancelled it. I am not going to give up on this order now. Not simply because Gopro is at its best when compared to other 360 consumer cameras(Atelast from other posts i have seen in discussions.) 

I wasted plenty of time following up on this order and i wouldnt simply prefer to close the issue by cancelling the order.

Even today after 15 days of order nobody is able to confirm by when it can be shipped. Not even a tentaive date.


In the begining of todays converstation,they said to me that its out of stock and thats the reason thats its not shipped.And have no clue when it will be back in stock.

BUT I CAN STILL GO AND ORDER A NEW MAX FROM GOPRO. Gopro is knowingly asking customers to place an order and pay for a product for which they dont have STOCK.

Poeople would have called this a scam if it was not gopro.


Anyway. I will not give up until i recieve a camera.

But today after reading other posts , i  am worried about recieveng a faulty camera after so many follow up.

Worst thing that can happen :D.  But expectation on gopro is now set to minimum :D