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Everyweek i see new updates for ios, when android will have a new version? any plans for new firmware?



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Re: Android

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looking at play store each day.

i am strugeling that i cant horizon level photos with the app, video's work, but that is the exporter what does the trick

photo's i made a not levelt, unless i keep the max perfect horizontal

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Re: Android

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I too am much so, that I still have not bought the Max.


I only have Android, so I'm needing a good solution that will work with what I have. It seems they expect everyone to have the latest iPhone11...not going to happen.


When I watched Abe K's sneak peak, I was sooo sold, but then I found out that the transition easing tools were left out of the Android App! That's kind of a deal breaker GoPro!


If you/GoPro can tell me that 6.2.2 has the transition easing tools, I'd probably pull the trigger; but it won't happen until GoPro puts a bit more effort into the software side. Would love to hear what others are finding/seeing.

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Re: Android

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This is an issue due to the fact that android is like the wild wild west of hardware and software, same with windows, as a result these two OS are always in a catchup period.


With Apple devices, the hardware and software is pretty much standard across the board as there is only one manufacturer in charge and they determin a standard list of hardware.  However with Android there are many many different hardware makers (LG, Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi, Sony, ZTE, HTC, Lenovo etc...).  Each of those hardware makers have many past models, and 3 different versions of their current models as well has regional hardware changes depending on market, location etc....   So literally, for android there could be thousands of different devices at anyone time and that's not even including tablets....   So think about it, GoPro software Guru's are able to create software that works for a standard set of hardware (Apple) much quicker due to the vastly smaller amount of devices.  They then have to re-create the same software that has to work perfectly on THOUSANDS of different android devices.  Try to imagine how much work and how much effort that takes.  Even if they do manage to get the software working perfectly, how many people have other software installed on those android devices that clashes or causes issues with GoPro's software?  Something GoPro then has to roll out fixes for.  This is why both Android and Windows take so much longer to create working apps and software for.


Now the good news is that GoPro have been making great strides in this direction.  The have been rolling out constant App updates and bug fixes at least twice a month for android devices.  Even better, they've been improving compability for more devices too.  I bought the GoPro Fusion when it first came out and was devestated there was no Android support for it when it was first released.  Then earlier this year it finally had android support but it was buggy and wouldn't even work with my S3 tablet.  GoPro then released the brand new version of their app and not only did it support both the Max and the Fusion, now I can edit with my S3 tablet.  


The new reframing feature for the Max which also works with the Fusion is a god send and so much better than the original software.  And yes, they are working on the transition easing tools too.  If you paid attention you'd see that they are releasing android updates, sometimes as often as twice a month as they work on bug fixes and improvements.  


So as frustrating as it is that your device isn't working perfectly and has issues with your device, trust me, GoPro are making huge steps and putting a lot of effort into fixing these issues.  If you want to speed up the process, open the app and use the feedback tools to report any issues you are having.  This goes directly back to the development team and helps them troubleshoot and make improvements.