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Adding Horizon Lock leveling to Hero8 Hypersmooth @ 2.7K 60p Linear.

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I see the Gopro MAX is getting Horizon Lock which is THE big difference between a gimbal and Hypersmooth at this stage.
I produce liveaction gameplay videos of Nerf Wars (Youtube is awesome) and having Horizon Lock would be a game changer, because it would behave like a videogame camera. Think about it, for 25 years, for the 100s of millions of First Person games sold they have always keep the horizon steady, same with most movies unless you are going for dutch angles or shaky cam. 
The full resolution the camera is 4096x3072. The corner to corner hypotenuse of 2704x1520 is 3102 virtual pixels, only 15 pixel off each corner IF you actual tilt your head that far. The corner to corner angle of 16:9 is 29.4° degrees, so you would have tilt your head 60° to loose resolution. It would be amazing even if it was actively zooming in and out to resize within the sensor frame.
I have already see this implamented with third party software like Reelsteady GO with uses the recorded gyro data to stabilize the footage and they have a horizon lock mode and it's awesome. 
If this was added the Hero8 is would make Reelsteady redundant. 
I understand is on the Gopro MAX because it has 16 mega pixel sensor but I can't justify the extra weight and double the price just to use one of it's lens. 

GoPro Hero 5 Session stabilized footage comparison using ReelSteady GO. Find out more about ReelSteady GO: