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About aluminum cooling

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Summer is coming many places.  I've seen posts claiming that if you add aluminum around a gopro that helps conduct heat out to the air, with a lot of dubious explanation added.  It can be true, but a thin layer of aluminum alone probably won't do much and can even be worse.


Heat transfer to the air depnds on:


1) The surface area

2) The emissivity of the surface material

3) Conductivity from the heat source to the surface.


You can never improve 3 by adding more conductor on top.  It's like thinking you'll improve water flow in a thin pipe by adding a fat pipe on the end.  You can improve 3 by removing a thin pipe (a plastic gopro 7 case) and replacing it with fat pipe (aluminum).


Black plastic is actually pretty good for point 2.  Shiny aluminum is actually terrible.  Anodized aluminum is roughly simlar to black plastic.


Point 1 can be improved, if your case has fins, or just a bit of structural elements..


You can also gain a little just with high mass.  If you're mounted to a really large metal thing it will just take too long to heat it up even with no conduction or radiation onward to the surroundings, but this only becomes meaningul on long times scales in the case of sinking to substantial objects, not just a thin case. The case could help conduct to such an object though.


Bottom line, replacing a plastic case with anodized or painted aluminm should be good good.  Just adding aluminum on top of what you have (hero 8) probably won't do much beyond increasing surface area a bit, unless you're using it to conduct heat from all sides into an attached heat sink.

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Re: About aluminum cooling

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DJI Osmo Action has  more a heat sink on tehir front, then gopro andstill teh camera  starts the over heat it does onestp more then gopro it turns off the lcd screen and possibly another feature, and if it  exhausts while working    that is it turns off.


Gopro does not  do the screen off and continue because they will say you can adjust  the screen level, etc. etc... yet when the bat gets low it will shut down the  sound beeps...


Now like me using a Rccar the esc generates a ton of heat, wesimply smack a fan on and it cools down, yes you can get a micro fan, but will it help nah, like you said uses a  diffrent case, but then gopro will be not an Action camera to them, and withstand a  fall..  Even the Yi camera has a cheap plastic case and claimed to be cooler then gopro  the ehat disperse was yi 145, gopro 125 and topped off at 151 degrees ferenheit.  so to me     I put some heat sink in and a big Hot spot  sticker.