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AC-powered Hero8 stops recording after about 9 hours

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I have two Hero8 cams running on AC power with 1TB cards (shooting 4K, 24fps), set up inside an incubator (constant temperature of 92°F, and high humidity). I've taped off the battery/card compartments to keep as much humidity out as possible, while still allowing access to the AC power port.


I SHOULD be able to record for about 19h 45min with that size card, on AC power. But BOTH cameras stopped writing new files after about 8h 45min. When I arrived to swap cards out at about the 19h mark, they were both still powered on, and appeared to be recording (red lights still flashing).


If this was a heat issue, I would think they wouldn't have lasted it almost 9h before cutting out. Any ideas?

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Re: AC-powered Hero8 stops recording after about 9 hours

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Not sure why it stopped, but it may just be that the cards you're using are larger than the GoPro is calibrated for. 256GB cards are the largest cards we've specified for the HERO8 Black. You can see our full list of recommended cards here.