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A short wish list for next Hero7 firmware

I really like H7 UI, it’s much easier and faster to operate than earlier Hero UIs.

There are couple of changes I would like to suggest.


In my H7 Black beeb goes back to high when I switch it back on in dashboard. I prefer to keep beep volume low and it would be nice if H7 could remember my setting.


To save battery I usually switch wifi off before I turn camera off. It would be nice to have wifi on/off switch in dashboard. If there isn’t room for one more button, I think wifi switch is more important than quick record switch. YMMV.


There’s a shortcut in Gopro app that you can go from camera view to media library, but there isn’t a shortcut to return back to camera view,. You have to click back button twice and media button once. Shouldn’t be too difficult add one more button to app.


Otherwise Hero7 is perfect for my needs and it’s been really stable compared to H6 I had.

Posts: 28

Re: A short wish list for next Hero7 firmware

Almost forgot the most important one.


Would it be possible to have one more display orientation option? It’s nice that camera knows when it’s turned upside down.

Many of us rarely need the portrait view, though. "Auto turn but landscape only" would give us a new option, just like it was in Hero6.