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A request?

Hello world!


I don't know if this is against the terms of agreement, but I am asking everyone for the most outrageous favor. I am producing a feature film about volleyball and I need a lot of cameras for this specific scene (80 or more) and being on a low budget, I am quite behind... If anyone knows of the spiraling camera movement in the Matrix where Neo (Keanu Reeves) is leaning back to avoid the bullets, that is similar to the shot I am trying to get. I am asking everyone to be the most generous they have ever been and help me produce something fantastic. 



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Re: A request?

The shot you're trying to get is called "Bullet Time" or "Time Slice" photography.  If you don't manage to get your hands on "80" camera's, I would suggest you use 1 camera shooting at the highest frame rate possible and swing it in an arc movement.  You can also attach a 3rd party zoom lens to the camera and point it at a mirror mounted on an extension arm thus keeping the camera still and moving the mirror in an arc.  You'll need to engineer the solution to achieve the shot you want, but it's better than trying to get your hands on 80 camera's.  BTW this has been achieved using GoPro's and a smart remote.  The smart remote will connect up to 50 camera's thus enabling sychonization of the shutter when taking photo's.