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90° / 270° EXIF oriantation not supported ?

Why Hero 5 Black does not properly mark photos that are 90° and 270° rotated ? It is full of advanced gyro magneto gps sensors (whose data are saved even in video altough not easily accessible withou third party scripts)... Only 180° rotation is saved in EXIF if Auto option set in Preferences.

In the settings, there is only Up,Down, Auto (correctly would be called Auto @180°). Could there be also Auto@90° ? This is very standard feature in all cameras 10 years back.

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Re: 90° / 270° EXIF oriantation not supported ?

What do you mean by this request? You only want one portion with the GPS data? from the camera..
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Re: 90° / 270° EXIF oriantation not supported ?

I don't understant your reply. I just want my photos to have proper orientation, when i take "portrait" (+ or - 90° ) (opposite of landscape) photos.  This is common across all cameras and even dumb-phones for 10 years. GoPro  saves  orientation information only in case of 180° orientation. Hero 5 obvivously has simple orientation sensor* (besides precies gyro/magneto/acceleration sensors allowing fancy "telemetry" in videos. ), but it is not used to mark proper rotation of photos except 180° taken photos.

So now when I take bunch of photos I must manually find and select all improperly rotated photos and then lossless-jpg-rotate them in batch. 


Actually, it might not  necessarily have simple orientation sensor, it is surely capable of extracting simple orientation** from the precise set of sensors.


**simple orientation is term in computer sensors area. It is useful in phones and tables and digital cameras how to rotate screen content  (0,90,180,270).