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[7 black] Nightlapse shutterspeed problem

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I am trying to do a timelapse that starts with daylight, then milkyway and then daylight again. I am using nightlapse mode so I can achieve slow shutterspeeds, but I am not setting a constant shutterspeed as I want it to adjust automatically for every situation.So I am setting shutterspeed to auto, and the interval to 1 minute. Also, I do not want the ISO to change, so I am setting it to 100 for both min and max. 

Everything goes well until it gets dark... The shutterspeed for some reason does not go above 10 seconds on auto mode, even if the image is completely black. Even though there is an option for 30 seconds, for some reason it limits to 10 seconds so it is unusable for my situation. The question is: WHY?
(This does not get fixed if I set the interval to auto, or any other setting)

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Re: [7 black] Nightlapse shutterspeed problem

Hi @arism,

Thanks for reaching out. I love using my GoPro for long exposures, especially night sky captures.

Setting the exposure to Auto will allow the camera to automatically adjust the Shutter Speed between the fastest possible; 1/4096th of a second, up to 2 seconds. This setting is recommended for sunrise, sunset, dawn, dusk, and twilight snaps.


Use 2 to 10 seconds exposure on instances in which there's a relatively bright source of light somewhere in the frame. This is best for dawn, dusk, twilight, traffic at night, Ferris wheel, fireworks, and light painting photos.

Once the surrounding area gets darker, use 15 to 20 sec (for distant/minimal light source) and 30 sec (for complete darkness) exposure.

To learn more about the specific Night Photo & Night Lapse modes, feel free to visit Abe Kislevitz’s blog. Though this article is for HERO4 camera, the topic about night capture explains the same information for HERO7 Black camera.

Kind Regards,

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Re: [7 black] Nightlapse shutterspeed problem

Thank you but I am not sure if you understood my problem. I know about night photography. This isn't the issue.

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Re: [7 black] Nightlapse shutterspeed problem

Your question is about hardware/software limitations, and as such, it's not something we in the GoPro community can answer. I'm sure the engineers have perfectly sound rationals for setting these limits, but that's not something we have information on. It could be that through testing, these limitations were required to give the most stable performance. it might be a limitation in the processor. It might be that when longer shutter options were available in the Auto mode the camera had a higher chance of selecting too long of a shutter. At the end of the day though, it doesn't really matter because it's not going to change.

To be clear, this is a member to member support community. We can tell you what is available and give advice on what settings (that are available in the camera) to potentially use, but to answer "why" the camera's auto feature is limited can only be answered here with, "because that's how it was designed".