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7 Black in cold temperature

Hey guys, I got some troubles with my new Hero 7 Black, it turn it off while I'm recording ... Temperature is just minus 2 degree celsius !!! Couold you help me please it'ss really anoying

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Re: 7 Black in cold temperature

Hi @ceselito


While we do not have any formal temperature ratings for our cameras, we are typically able to determine if a camera is operating within expectations. As with all lithium-ion batteries, your GoPro's internal battery operates most effectively at moderate temperatures; cold weather leads to a decrease in overall battery life.


Here are some tips that should maximize the battery's performance in low temperatures. It's important to note that cold-performance is relative; you may find that using one of the tips below does the trick, or you may need to experiment with combinations that suit your activity. 

  • Keep the camera and battery warm before/during use (stow it in an interior pocket). 
  • Leaving the camera on, in standby may be beneficial, as powering the camera off for an extended period of time will allow the camera's temperature to drop.
  • Minimize the use of resolutions/frame rate combinations higher than 1080p30, unless necessary. If you're not looking to take advantage of higher resolutions, or slow down your video while editing, 1080p30 is a great high-definition, energy efficient recording setting.
  • Minimize the use of Wi-Fi. It requires quite a bit of battery power to retain the video feed and control the camera; even more so in low temperatures. 
  • Use the waterproof housing whenever possible, to retain the heat given off by the camera during use. 

I hope this helps.