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5 GHz WiFi connectivity issues between GoPro app and Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

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Hey all,


received my brand-new GoPro Hero 8 Black and experiencing connectivity issues with my mobile phone Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge.


- GoPro Hero 8 fully charged and switched on for the first time and went through the setup process

- downloaded and installed the GoPro app from PlayStore onto my mobile phone Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

- enabled GPS and Bluetooth on my mobile phone and ensured that no WiFi energy saving mode is enabled, no intelligent auto-switching functions enabled between WiFi and cellular networks, no priority WiFi routines enabled

- Hero 8 connects successfully with GoPro App but:


preview does not work

media transfer does not work

WiFi symbol on GoPro App DISABLED


As soon as I click "Show Preview" to get a live image of the GoPro Hero 8, I see on my Android mobile phone that WiFi at no time is connected and also GoPro App shows the OFFLINE WiFi symbol on the screen.


I know GoPro Hero 8 Black by default uses the 5 GHz network for its WiFi connection, so I toggled this setting in Hero 8 to 2.4 Ghz and repeated my pairing/connecting process. On 2.4 GHz everything works fine.


I went on and did dozens of additional tests to narrow down the culprit. Between each test I ...


- force a process stop of the GoPro app on my mobile phone

- I wipe its cache and then its data which will result in GoPro app to behave just like it was started as first time. No traces of the GoPro App are left on the mobile phone by this process.

- I remove the known WiFi network from my mobile phone which was last used when connecting through the 2.4GHz to my Hero 8 so my mobile phone has no trace left to the GoPro Hero 8 any more

- in the bluetooth settings of my mobile phone I unpair/delete the Hero8 connection so the mobile phone has no trace left to the Hero 8.

- I disable WiFi and Bluetooth on my mobile phone and enable them again.

- on GoPro Hero 8 settings I disable "Radio" so WiFi is turned off and then turned it on again. I also used "Reset Network Settings" and also I tried a complete "Factory Reset"



I tried changing the camera name and I also left the original camera name GPxxxxxxxx just to ensure there's no bug with the camera name that could cause problems when Hero 8 tries to create the WiFi AP. I also monitored WiFi access points through other WiFi devices like computer, tablets, etc. to check if I see the GoPro Hero 8 ESSID on 5GHz. I went further and used low-level WiFi scanning techniques to see if my Go Pro Hero 8 creates and sends data over 5 GHz WiFi, even if there would a hidden one. I also used a RF spectrum analyzer. It NEVER did so, my GoPro Hero 8 does NOT enable 5GHz Wifi and never sends data on this frequency network. Also in the mobile phone WiFi settings there is no known network in the "used networks" list which means: the mobile phone never successfully connected to a GoPro Hero 8 network as one would expect.


In my family we all are using the same mobile phone model Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, so I have two more mobile phones available to test with. I took those two mobile phones and repeated all the mentioned tests above with those phones. No change, it does NOT WORK ON 5GHZ.


I repeated the test at my friends' home with those three Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, they did fail again. Then I took my friends' mobile phone, he is using a Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus and 5GHz worked ! I did plenty more tests but couldn't find any revealing helpful information.


In a summary ==> the GoPro Hero 8 Black does not work at 5GHz, tested on all my Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge devices available.


I want to add that I triple-checked all of the mentioned suggestions on that GoPro connectivity issues troubleshooting guide

The GoPro support wasn't able to provide a helpful information. They claim that this model is not known to have issues with the GoPro Hero 8 and there is no fix available for me except to return the GoPro to them. But for sure I know 5GHz is working on the GoPro Hero 8 because it worked on a different mobile phone model. So the issue must be somewhere else.


Anyone out there using a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge and can do a cross-check and give feedback, please? Looking forward to any helpful comments. Thank you for listening.

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Re: 5 GHz WiFi connectivity issues between GoPro app and Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

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Are you in Europe or the US?


The reason I ask is that the US has been licensed to use 5GHZ for wireless transmission for quite some time, however parts of Europe don't allow the use of 5GHZ while others have only recently licensed this.


That would mean that on some older devices, they may not be allowed to use 5GHZ for wireless connectivity and this gets disabled based upon GPS location.  While some newer devices may be licensed and 5GHZ will work with no issues.


Funnily enough in the US, I can use just about every wireless device @ 5GHZ with my camera's with no issues, but any time I visit Ireland the 5GHZ is disabled and I can only use 2.4GHZ.

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Re: 5 GHz WiFi connectivity issues between GoPro app and Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

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I'm in EUrope (Germany) and I'm using 5GHz all the time. 5 GHz use here in Germany is valid and nothing unusual.